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A 10.8MW battery energy storage system (BESS) deployed for a windfarm in Ireland last year. | Image: Fluence

Ireland's first 4-hour BESS planned for construction

Statkraft has announced that it is to build Ireland’s first four-hour grid-scale battery energy storage system (BESS) in County Offaly, situated in the heart of Ireland. 

The 20MW BESS, supplied by Fluence, will be co-located with Statkraft’s 55.8MW Cushaling Wind Farm. The wind project is currently under construction. 

According to the company, the battery project will enable energy from renewable sources to be stored during times of low demand, limiting the need for costly curtailment and dispatched at time of peak electricity demand. It will also support EirGrid to ensure network stability by delivering fast-acting system services as more non-synchronous renewable generation comes online. In addition, by participating in the capacity market, the project will have a positive impact on energy security in Ireland. 

This battery-based energy storage system is designed to provide 20MW for up to four hours. Most grid-scale batteries currently deployed in Ireland range from 30 minutes to two hours of energy storage capacity. The longer the duration of battery energy storage capacity, the more benefits it can offer. Construction of the battery project is expected to be completed by late 2024.

Kevin O’Donovan, Managing Director of Statkraft Ireland, said that “the longer-duration storage capability of this project shows that Statkraft continues to innovate and embrace advancement in battery technology. We are also delighted to combine this project with our Cushaling Wind Farm which we are currently constructing on the same site.”

For his part, Brian Perusse, Managing Director of Fluence Energy Ireland Ltd, commented that “the continuous advancements in energy storage technology are astounding and the technology is well positioned to serve both flexibility and peak capacity needs in the market. We are very pleased to collaborate with Statkraft, our long-standing customer, on bringing the first four-hour duration battery-based energy storage system to the Irish market.” 

The Cushaling Battery is the third battery to be developed by Statkraft in Ireland. The company’s other two batteries, also delivered by Fluence, Kilathmoy in 2020, and Kelwin-2 in 2021, are located in Co. Kerry.


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