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Is electric car adoption influenced by the abundance of charging points?

The Automotive Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) has released an interactive map that sheds light on the intricate relationship between the burgeoning market of electric cars and the availability of charging infrastructure across the European Union. This innovative tool, drawing on comprehensive 2023 data, provides a visual narrative of the correlation between the market shares of newly sold battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and the accessibility of charging points within each of the 27 EU member states.

According to the new map, just three EU countries covering over 20% of the EU’s surface area – the Netherlands, France, and Germany – are home to almost two-thirds (61%) of all EU charging points. The other third (39%) of all chargers is distributed throughout 24 member states, covering almost 80% of the region’s surface area.

The Netherlands – the country with the highest share of infrastructure – has over 52 times more charging points than Romania (2,754), which is roughly seven times bigger.

Acea explains that there is a significant correlation between the availability of public charging points and the sales of battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Countries like Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Belgium, which rank among the top five in terms of the highest number of chargers, also exhibit some of the largest market shares for BEVs.


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