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Germany reports 11% surge in renewable energy generation in first quarter

The expansion of renewable energies in Germany is gaining momentum, as current quarterly figures reveal. Compared to the same period last year, the amount of electricity generated from renewable sources increased significantly by an impressive 11 percent to over 77 terawatt-hours. Both wind and solar energy witnessed substantial progress, accompanied by an expansion of the power grid.

Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Robert Habeck, expressed his satisfaction with the developments, emphasizing that Germany is on the right course with its energy transition. More than half of the generated electricity now comes from renewable sources, with the expansion of wind and solar energy, as well as the grid, well underway.

Onshore wind energy proved to be the country's primary source of electricity in 2023, with the generated electricity surpassing that of all coal-fired power plants for the first time. This momentum continued into the first quarter of 2024, accompanied by an increase in the number of approvals for new installations.

A significant upward trend is also evident in the offshore sector. In 2023, 5% of the electricity came from offshore wind energy, with an installed capacity of 8.5 gigawatts. The successful awarding of contracts for an additional 8.8 gigawatts of offshore capacity demonstrates further potential in this area.

Of particular note is the surge in solar energy. With a record addition of 14.6 gigawatts in 2023, Germany surpassed all previous figures. The expansion accelerated further in the first quarter of 2024, resulting in a 12%  share in gross electricity generation.

The current developments underscore Germany's determination to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and to build a sustainable energy future.


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