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Long-duration underwater energy storage pilot developed in Cyprus

Jacobs has been selected by BaroMar, an innovative energy storage company, to spearhead the initial design phase for a groundbreaking underwater energy storage pilot project. Positioned off the shores of Cyprus, this initiative responds to the escalating demand for sustainable energy solutions by showcasing the practicality and scalability of pioneering technology that is straightforward, effective, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly.

Technological innovation to reduce costs

The system is based on harnessing mature technologies in energy and marine systems, combined with the hydrostatic pressure of seawater. This allows for reduced installation costs and achieving the lowest possible Levelized Cost of Storage (LCOS). The project aims to achieve a full cycle efficiency of up to 70%, making it a reliable solution to address the challenges posed by intermittent renewable sources such as wind and solar energy, along with their high infrastructure costs.

Jacobs Vice President, Fiachra Ó Cléirigh, stated that the project necessitates thorough geophysical, geotechnical, and bathymetric surveying, as well as investigations, feasibility studies, and permitting for tank installation at significant depths to accommodate onshore mechanical and electrical equipment requirements. He emphasized that this effort underscores Jacobs' dedication to fostering innovation and sustainability across various industries, aiming to provide resilient, carbon-free clean energy solutions.

System operation

The foundation of the 4 MWh pilot project hinges on the storage of compressed air within substantial rigid tanks anchored to the seabed. These tanks are engineered to withstand the forces exerted by the marine environment, as well as the pressure from the compressed air and hydrostatic water, throughout both installation and operational phases.

BaroMar CEO Yonadav Buber emphasized the importance of transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables, stressing the need for cost-effective and eco-friendly storage solutions. He highlighted BaroMar's technology, which safely stores excess grid electricity underwater for future use. Buber noted its low capital requirements and minimal maintenance, making it a sustainable and scalable option to support global net-zero ambitions. He also praised Jacobs' engineering expertise as an ideal partner to advance long-duration energy storage solutions.

The pilot initiative in Cyprus marks a notable step forward in meeting the increasing need for sustainable energy solutions in Europe and other regions. It showcases the practical implementation and scalability of the technology.


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