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Major UK battery energy storage project awarded to Ameresco in $249M agreement with Atlantic Green

Ameresco, Inc. (NYSE: AMRC), in collaboration with Envision Energy, has been selected by Atlantic Green to spearhead the Cellarhead project, a groundbreaking 300 megawatt (MW) battery energy storage project (BESS) boasting a maximum energy capacity of 624 megawatt hours (MWh). This innovative venture will see the Cellarhead BESS project interconnected with National Grid's Cellarhead sub-station, enhancing the UK's energy security and reliability.

Achieving net zero emissions

Construction is slated to commence on-site later this year, with connection to the electricity grid anticipated by the end of 2026. The Cellarhead BESS project, with its substantial energy capacity, is poised to support the UK's ambitious journey towards achieving net zero emissions. It will play a pivotal role in facilitating the increased integration of clean energy generation, reducing dependence on fossil fuel-based generation, and ultimately mitigating greenhouse gas emissions.

With a mission to develop approximately 2 GW capacity of battery energy storage, the Cellarhead BESS project marks a significant milestone in Atlantic Green's development trajectory and broader sustainability objectives.

Established in 2021, Atlantic Green represents a collaborative effort between two forward-thinking shareholders, Nofar Energy and Interland Group. Serving as a UK-based platform, Atlantic Green is dedicated to investing in, developing, and operating grid-scale standalone battery energy storage systems across the UK.

Completing the BESS and securing grid connection by mid-2026

As part of the BESS project, Ameresco has entered into an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) and Operations & Maintenance (O&M) contract, encompassing battery supply, balance of plant, warranty, and availability guarantees. The total EPC full wrap price is approximately $249 million.Tier 1 OEM Envision Energy will supply the BESS and associated services, along with equipment warranties.

Ameresco and Atlantic Green anticipate completing the BESS and securing grid connection by mid-2026. Following completion, Atlantic Green will assume ownership and operation of the BESS as an energy storage asset.

Associates’ opinions

Nick Bradford, Managing Director of Atlantic Green, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing its significance in the UK's journey towards achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

Mark Apsey, MBE, Senior Vice President of UK Operations at Ameresco, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the pivotal role of energy storage in the UK's net zero targets and lauding Atlantic Green's leadership and track record.

Kane Xu, Global VP at Envision Energy, emphasized the importance of advanced battery solutions in enhancing energy security and enabling a seamless transition to renewable energy sources, expressing pride in contributing cutting-edge technology to this landmark UK initiative.


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