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A render of the project in North Netherlands. Image: Lion Storag

Mufasa project set to become largest utility-scale BESS in the Netherlands

Battery energy storage system (BESS) project developer Lion Storage introduced Mufasa, a groundbreaking project slated for commercial operation in 2026. With an impressive nameplate capacity of 364 MW and 1457 MWh, Mufasa is poised to claim the title of the largest utility-scale Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in the Netherlands once operational.

Strategically situated in the Vlissingen port (North Sea Port), an emerging energy hub in the region, Mufasa will enjoy direct access to TenneT's high voltage grid.

This prime location places Mufasa in close proximity to numerous large-scale hydrogen electrolysis and offshore wind projects currently in development, positioning it as a crucial component of North Sea Port's robust energy and industry infrastructure.

Operating on a full merchant basis, Mufasa will actively participate in all wholesale power and ancillary services markets. By facilitating the integration of renewable power onto the grid and providing essential system services to ensure system balance, grid stability, and long-term security of supply, Mufasa will play a pivotal role in advancing the transition to a more sustainable energy landscape in The Netherlands.


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