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Denmark publishes plan for future energy island on Bornholm

Plan for Program Energio Bornholm sets the framework for the future energy island on Bornholm and off the coast. Energio Bornholm will consist of an offshore wind farm south of Bornholm as well as high-voltage installations on Bornholm and Zealand. The energy island will have a capacity of up to 3.8 GW and will thus play an important role in the phasing out of fossil energy sources.

Following an environmental assessment of the plan and consideration of consultation feedback, the Danish Energy Agency has concluded that adopting the Plan for Energio Bornholm is feasible. During this process, the Agency has implemented several adjustments to the planning areas to accommodate environmental factors and land constraints in the region, including areas designated for bird protection, defense and ship traffic routes.

Throughout the process, the Danish Energy Agency conducted multiple citizen meetings between 2021 and 2023 during consultation periods. During these gatherings, citizens, stakeholders, and authorities provided input, suggestions, concerns, and inquiries regarding the draft plan and environmental assessment.

While the plan outlines the general framework for future construction projects on Energio Bornholm, it does not authorize the establishment of facilities on its own.

The process

While the Energy Agency undertakes its planning and environmental assessment process, Energinet, responsible for developing the land facilities on Energio Bornholm, is concurrently conducting an environmental assessment for the facilities on Zealand and Bornholm, as well as for the submarine cables connecting the two station facilities.

The background for Energio Bornholm

The decision to establish Energio Bornholm stems from the climate agreement of June 22, 2020, which involved the then S-government, the Liberal Party, the Danish People's Party, the Radical Liberal Party, the Socialist People's Party, the Unity Party, the Conservative People's Party, the Liberal Alliance, and the Alternative.

In 2022, the previous government and the settlement circle reached an agreement to expand Energio Bornholm from 2 to 3 GW. In the spring of 2023, the current government and the settlement circle enacted a supplementary agreement, outlining the tender framework for the 3 GW expansion of Energio Bornholm, with the potential for 800 MW of overplanting.


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