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Source Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency

Germany aims to achieve 60 GW in offshore wind energy by 2037

The German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) has released a draft update of the area development plan focusing on the expansion of offshore wind energy until 2037. This ambitious plan is set to exceed the previous legal target, aiming to reach approximately 50 GW by 2035, which is 10 GW above the initial forecast.

Key innovations in the draft plan

For the first time, the draft introduces specific acceleration areas for marine wind turbine installations, as well as infrastructure zones for the network within the development plan. These areas are designed to facilitate the construction and operation of offshore wind turbines, with simplified permitting procedures, while ensuring detailed scrutiny at the planning level to protect the environment and species.

Potentialities and future expansion

The plan not only addresses current needs but also lays the groundwork for achieving a long-term target of 70 gigawatts by 2045. New potential areas for future expansions have been identified and allocated, primarily in zones near current shipping routes.

Development of an internationally connected offshore grid

Another groundbreaking aspect of the plan is the establishment of an interconnected offshore electrical grid with neighbouring countries. The plan details measures that are confirmed for the first time in the network development plan for the interconnection of converter platforms and includes cross-border cable routes.

Strategic importance of the area development plan

This plan is not just a planning document for the development of offshore wind energy off the coasts of northern and eastern Germany, but also sets specific tender years, commissioning dates, and network connections, establishing itself as a central instrument in Germany's energy transition.

Public consultation process and future steps

Following the publication of this draft, a public consultation will be held to gather opinions and make necessary adjustments. Based on this feedback, the BSH plans to revise and publish the final version of the area development plan by the end of 2024, marking a significant milestone in Germany's energy and environmental policy.


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