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Orsted's stock drops 20% following the cancellation of two offshore wind projects in the US

Following decisions of its Board of Directors, Ørsted will cease development of the Ocean Wind 1 and 2 projects and has taken final investment decision on the Revolution Wind project. The decisions are part of an ongoing review of Ørsted’s US offshore wind portfolio.

On 29 August 2023, Ørsted announced anticipated impairments on its US portfolio of up to DKK 16 billion. According to Ørsted, since the announcement, the US offshore wind projects have experienced further negative developments from adverse impacts relating to supply chains, increased interest rates, and the lack of an OREC (Offshore Renewable Energy Certificate) adjustment on Sunrise Wind. The total impairments recognised in the interim financial report for the first nine months of 2023 amount to DKK 28.4 billion, and the majority of these (DKK 19.9 billion) relate to Ocean Wind 1.

Ørsted has taken the decision to cease the development of the Ocean Wind 1 and 2 projects. This is a consequence of additional supplier delays further impacting the project schedule and leading to an additional significant project delay. In addition, Ørsted has updated its view on certain assumptions, including tax credit monetization and the timing and likelihood of final construction permits. Finally, increases to long-dated US interest rates have further deteriorated the business case.

A provision related to Ørsted ceasing the development of Ocean Wind 1 will negatively impact Q4 2023 EBITDA. The provision accounts for potential contract cancellation fees not already covered by the impairments but excludes any potential reuse value of existing contracted equipment. Ørsted currently estimates the provision to be approximately DKK 8-11 billion.

“We are extremely disappointed to announce that we are ceasing the development of Ocean Wind 1 and 2. We firmly believe the US needs offshore wind to achieve its carbon emissions reduction ambition, and we remain committed to the US renewables market and truly value the efforts by the US government to support the build-up of the US offshore wind industry. However, the significant adverse developments from supply chain challenges, leading to delays in the project schedule, and rising interest rates have led us to this decision, and we will now assess the best way to preserve value while we cease development of the projects. At the same time, with an attractive forward-looking value creation, we progress the Revolution Wind project into the construction phase,” said Mads Nipper, Group President and CEO of Ørsted.


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