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European Commission signs joint declaration to boost the EU Hydrogen Valleys

During the Repowering EU with Hydrogen Valleys event, Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, Hydrogen Europe CEO Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Hydrogen Europe Research President Luigi Crema and S3 European Hydrogen Valleys Partnership co-leader Tjisse Stelpstra signed a joint declaration on hydrogen valleys entitled “Moving the hydrogen economy from niche to scale”.

“Today, we already have several Hydrogen Valleys across Europe that showcase the hydrogen ecosystem locally by bringing together all the elements of hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and end-use in a single place”, said Hydrogen Europe.

For Europe to remain a frontrunner in rolling out Hydrogen Valleys, the European hydrogen industry, scientific community, and European regions, together with the European Commission, commit to stepping up and accelerating joint actions in the following areas:


    1. Reinforcing the research and innovation agenda for clean hydrogen by providing a strategic framework aimed at accelerating the development and deployment of Hydrogen Valleys.
    2. Continued investments in research and innovation for clean hydrogen technologies including via the Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking under Horizon Europe.
    3. Maximize funding impact by working together to strengthen synergies.
    4. Promote knowledge sharing and partner matchmaking to build on the existing experience and accelerate successful development of new projects.
    5. Stimulate the development of education and training for skills, building on the existing initiatives across the EU.
    6. Spearhead the development of Hydrogen Valleys as steppingstones to incubate and grow a European – and by extension global – hydrogen economy.


The European Commission has allocated an additional EUR 200 million for Hydrogen Valleys, as part of REPowerEU. This will bring the EU closer to doubling the number of Hydrogen Valleys across Europe.

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth said that “Hydrogen Valleys are key for the creation of a European research and innovation area for hydrogen. They prove that European cooperation can catalyse innovation, create jobs and opportunities while tackling the great energy challenges of our times. And we will rapidly hit the target of doubling the number of operational Hydrogen Valleys by 2025”.


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