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How can Europe chart the right course to expedite hydrogen development?

Hydrogen Europe has released its comprehensive manifesto for the upcoming 2024 elections, outlining a strategic roadmap that places clean hydrogen at the forefront of Europe's competitiveness, job creation, and climate goals.

Hydrogen Europe's manifesto focuses on three pivotal that advocates for a series of regulations, legislation, and common policies geared towards a clean energy transition with hydrogen acting as its catalyst. On-going processes for building up a hydrogen manufacturing base, implementing certifications and standards for clean hydrogen, and finalising the regulatory framework through the likes of CBAM will be paramount, as will implementing an EU Clean Industrial Plan, a European Grid Strategy, an EU storage strategy, and an integrated offshore infrastructure plan.


1. An EU Industrial Policy for a Competitive, Resilient, and Sustainable Europe

Hydrogen Europe calls for the development of a robust manufacturing base in Europe for hydrogen technologies. The manifesto proposes the creation of an EU Clean Industrial Plan, appointing an EC Vice-President exclusively dedicated to Industrial Policy, and establishing an intergroup in the Parliament to oversee its implementation. The emphasis is on fostering competitiveness, creating jobs through an H2 academy, and promoting a business case for energy-intensive industries.


2. A Thriving European Market for Clean Hydrogen

The manifesto advocates for the acceleration of the hydrogen market through innovative funding approaches and the creation of an investment-friendly regulatory framework aligned with the EU's 2050 Climate Neutral strategy. Hydrogen Europe proposes the swift adoption of a definition for low-carbon hydrogen, the deployment of renewables, and the establishment of global certification schemes for fair trade. The call for a level playing field in mobility applications is reinforced through EU legislation and specific windows of support, such as for e-fuels in aviation.


3. A Pan-European Infrastructure for Energy System Resilience

Hydrogen Europe urges the European Commission to establish a Hydrogen Grid Strategy, setting clear goals and contributing to the removal of existing barriers. The manifesto calls for the creation of the European Network of Hydrogen Network Operators (ENNOH) to lead the development of a Hydrogen Network Development plan. It emphasizes the need for a comprehensive storage strategy, targets for underground hydrogen storage, and an Integrated Offshore infrastructure Plan to accelerate offshore renewable energy sources.

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO of Hydrogen Europe, expressed pride in the manifesto, stating, "We encourage candidates from all countries and parties to consider our message and build a better Europe together." As the elections approach, Hydrogen Europe calls on candidates globally to prioritize the existential threat of climate change and the urgent need for European reindustrialization, placing clean hydrogen at the forefront of their platforms.



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