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Shell and Verdagy partner to lead renewable hydrogen initiatives

In a collaboration aimed at redefining the renewable energy landscape, Shell and Verdagy have announced a partnership aimed at advancing renewable hydrogen projects. Shell will support Verdagy's renewable hydrogen electrolyzers following the successful completion of detailed one-year technology, design and safety reviews, marking a crucial milestone on the road to sustainable energy solutions.

Verdagy, renowned for its pioneering expertise in renewable hydrogen electrolysis garnered over a decade of relentless innovation, stands poised to revolutionize the sector with its cutting-edge technology. The endorsement from Shell, a global leader in energy and petrochemicals, serves as a resounding validation of Verdagy's prowess and positions the company as a key supplier for forthcoming green hydrogen ventures.

Underpinning this collaboration is a meticulous year-long process encompassing comprehensive safety reviews, design evaluations, and technology assessments. This rigorous scrutiny, including the critical Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) review, underscores Shell's commitment to ensuring the utmost standards of safety and efficiency in its endeavors.

Andrew Beard, Vice President of Hydrogen at Shell, expressed unwavering confidence in Verdagy's capabilities, stating, "Verdagy has developed and commercialized dynamic and cost-competitive electrolyzers for infrastructure-scale projects. We're excited with the outcomes of our evaluations and are enthusiastic to continue working with Verdagy in the near future."

Central to this partnership is Verdagy's groundbreaking 20-megawatt (MW) eDynamic Electrolysis system, hailed as a cornerstone for infrastructure-scale renewable hydrogen installations. Shell's meticulous evaluation of the system's operation, performance, and safety underscores the potential for large-scale adoption in the quest for sustainable energy solutions.

Marty Neese, CEO of Verdagy, expressed optimism about the future prospects, remarking, "The Verdagy and Shell teams are excited by the successful completion of this year-long collaboration, and I look forward to the uptake of Verdagy’s advanced electrolyzers by the industry following Shell’s technology endorsement."

Verdagy's electrolyzers stand at the forefront of innovation, boasting the lowest levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH) through a unique blend of high current densities, operational flexibility, and rapid response capabilities. With a steadfast commitment to achieving the US Department of Energy's ambitious goal of $2/kg of levelized cost for renewable hydrogen by 2026, Verdagy has recently been awarded a substantial grant to expedite the mass production of Advanced Alkaline Water Electrolysis eDynamic electrolyzers.

As the world transitions towards a more sustainable energy paradigm, the partnership between Shell and Verdagy heralds a new era of collaboration, innovation, and environmental stewardship, poised to shape the future of renewable hydrogen on a global scale.



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