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South Wales hosts UK's first offshore hydrogen production trials

ERM has commenced offshore trials to evaluate the critical components of its groundbreaking Dolphyn Hydrogen process. After six years of development, these trials are now taking place in the floating marine setting of Pembroke Port, South Wales. This marks a significant milestone towards enabling the UK to produce low-carbon hydrogen in a safe, dependable, and scalable manner.

The Dolphyn Hydrogen process integrates electrolysis, desalination, and hydrogen production on a floating wind platform. The produced hydrogen is then transported to shore via pipeline for use in power generation, transportation, industrial applications, and heating. This system operates without requiring an electrical connection, offering a path to low-carbon energy generation without the limitations of grid constraints or the need for energy from other renewable sources.

Government funding and diverse skilled team

Supported by the UK Government’s Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, through the Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 Competition as part of the 1 billion pounds Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP), the development of the Dolphyn Hydrogen process has received over 8 million pounds in funding. The initiative has also gained backing from the devolved Governments of Wales and Scotland.

Dolphyn Hydrogen unites the expertise of both local and international suppliers in the renewable energy and hydrogen production sectors. ERM has assembled a diverse team with skills spanning engineering, health and safety, permitting and consenting, and stakeholder engagement. To fast-track learnings and deployment, the team has integrated a pioneering digital twin using ERM’s emissions.AI, a SaaS solution that assists operations teams in optimizing energy efficiency and minimizing emissions.

Main voices

Steve Matthews, CEO of Dolphyn Hydrogen, mentioned that low-carbon hydrogen plays a crucial role in supporting the energy transition, enhancing energy security, and creating skilled jobs in the green economy. He noted that the Dolphyn Hydrogen trials represent a significant milestone in their efforts to deploy affordable, low-carbon hydrogen on a large scale, contributing to a more sustainable future for everyone.

Tom Reichert, Group CEO at ERM, recalled that six years ago, ERM envisioned producing affordable low-carbon hydrogen from floating wind at a scale that would accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy. He expressed excitement about seeing this vision become a reality with the UK's first offshore hydrogen production trials and looked forward to continuing this progress towards a low-carbon future.


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