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Urgent call for faster UK grid expansion and green jobs

A new report by former energy minister Chris Skidmore and RenewableUK’s CEO Dan McGrail calls on the next government to accelerate the construction of new infrastructure to connect renewable energy projects to the grid. The report includes a series of recommendations, emphasizing that the UK needs to build five times more electricity infrastructure in the next five years than it has in the past thirty years.

Titled "At a Crossroads – Pathway to a Net Zero Future," the report is published by the Mission Zero Coalition, chaired by Skidmore, on the fifth anniversary of the net zero legislation being enacted. It details what needs to happen in the next five years to keep the UK's net zero goals on track.

The report advocates for an efficient and democratic planning consent process that encourages high-quality applications for renewable technologies, making optimal use of available land while promoting community engagement and benefits. It suggests establishing local civic assemblies to collaborate with developers on addressing project impacts and highlights the under-resourcing of planning departments, which delays decision-making.

A strategic approach to building an electricity system that reduces constraints and balances supply and demand at minimal consumer cost is also recommended. The report highlights the benefits of co-locating wind and solar farms with battery storage projects to manage renewable variability and reduce costs for billpayers. It calls for policy reforms to incentivize such projects and advises against radical energy market reforms, recommending an evolutionary approach to maintain international investor confidence. Consultations are suggested on modernizing the Contracts for Difference scheme to ensure consistent renewable deployment.

The report stresses the need for a skilled workforce in areas like electrical engineering and offshore wind manufacturing, citing National Grid statistics that over 400,000 workers will be needed to reach the UK’s 2050 net zero target. It also emphasizes the role of digital technology in integrating variable renewable power and improving grid reliability, calling for a new task force to ensure better data sharing.

Chris Skidmore noted that the launch of this report, marking the fifth anniversary of the net zero law, brings together businesses, industry networks, and policy experts. He urged the incoming government to prioritize the net zero transition to meet the target of decarbonizing 68% by 2030, using the report as a roadmap for the next five years and beyond.

Dan McGrail expressed hope that the next government will adopt the report's detailed recommendations to keep the UK on track for net zero. He noted that a net zero grid could save consumers £10 billion by 2050, stressing the importance of building a grid that maximizes renewable energy for both economic and environmental benefit.

The recommendations were developed after eleven workshops with various energy sector companies and stakeholders across the country, who support the report's conclusions.


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