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Building a European electric vehicle ecosystem is a team sport: ACEA

In a resounding call to action, prominent CEOs from the European automotive, tech, and power sectors convened at the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association’s (ACEA) #FutureDriven Reception in Brussels, emphasizing the imperative need for enhanced collaboration to fortify a resilient e-mobility ecosystem.

Against the backdrop of a profound transformation in the European auto industry amid the energy transition and digital revolution, ACEA Director General Sigrid de Vries underscored the necessity for a collective effort. Addressing 280 distinguished guests from policy and industry circles, de Vries emphasized, "Greater cooperation across the e-mobility ecosystem – built on a real 'team sport' spirit – is essential if Europe wants to stay in the race."

Acknowledging the challenges posed by global players like the US and China, leaders from the tech and power sectors were invited to the reception to foster cross-sectoral collaboration. Luca de Meo, ACEA President and CEO of Renault Group, highlighted the dual focus on electrification of the powertrain and software-defined vehicles. He stressed the pivotal role of software in enhancing consumer experiences, urging collaboration with European digital champions.

Peter Wennink, President and CEO of ASML, warned of the risk of Europe falling behind and emphasized the need for a renewed focus on innovation. Wennink asserted, "Europe needs an architect with a systemic approach to problems. Regulation can help in linking the right players – but the right kind of regulation."

The imperative for sustainable practices in the truck industry was underscored by Alexander Vlaskamp, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus. He emphasized the importance of the right infrastructure, connections, and green hydrogen, calling for effective regulations and implementation support at the national level.

Leonhard Birnbaum, CEO of E.ON and Eurelectric President, echoed concerns about political support for the electricity industry, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive grid action plan. He urged a joint effort to address bottlenecks and stay ahead of global competition.

In closing, Sigrid de Vries reiterated the critical juncture faced by Europe. "Decisions made in the coming months will determine if Europe will be a leader or laggard in electric vehicle manufacturing. Europe urgently needs a cohesive regulatory framework –not piecemeal regulations– to allow its strategic industries to thrive in the face of growing international competition." The leaders collectively called for swift and decisive actions to secure Europe's position in the forefront of the e-mobility revolution.


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