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EU grants France 1.5 billion for research into innovative batteries for electromobility

The European Commission approved, under EU State aid rules, a €1.5 billion French measure to support ProLogium Technologies (‘ProLogium') in researching and developing a new generation of batteries for electric vehicles. According to the European Commission, the measure will contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the European Green Deal and the EU battery strategy.

France notified to the Commission its plan to support ProLogium's Prometheus research and development (‘R&D') project of solid-state batteries (‘SSB') for electric vehicles. SSB technology uses solid instead of liquid electrolyte to develop batteries that have a higher energy density and are safer for consumers than conventional lithium-ion batteries. Under the measure, the aid will take the form of a direct grant of up to €1.5 billion that will cover the R&D project until the end of 2029.

As part of the Prometheus project, ProLogium will develop ‘first generation' SSB to overcome the limitations of the current lithium-ion batteries; develop ‘second generation' SSB with enhanced energy density and sustainability; develop SSB recycling techniques and recycling strategies for various battery components; and contribute to the development of the standards for SSB recycling. In addition, ProLogium has committed to actively share the technical know-how gained through the project with industry and academia.

In agreement with the Commission, this measure facilitates the development of an economic activity, in particular R&D activities for the development of a new generation of SSB technology for electric vehicles. Moreover, the aid has an ‘incentive effect', as the beneficiary would not carry out the investments in R&D activities for solid-state batteries without the public support.


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