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Europe to inject 267 million to Slovakia's electric mobility


In a significant stride towards advancing electric vehicle (EV) production and bolstering regional development, the European Commission has given the green light to Slovakia's €267 million state aid initiative to facilitate the establishment of Volvo Cars' latest electric passenger vehicle plant. The investment, earmarked for a new production facility in Valaliky near Košice, Eastern Slovakia, marks a pivotal step towards realizing the EU's strategic objectives encompassing job creation, regional growth, and the European Green Deal.

Slovakia's proposed aid package, designed to bolster Volvo Cars' venture with direct grants, aligns seamlessly with EU State aid regulations, as affirmed by the Commission's thorough assessment. With Volvo Cars committing a hefty €1.2 billion investment, the forthcoming plant is poised to become the automaker's third production hub in Europe, underscoring the region's significance in the global automotive landscape.

Anticipated to churn out approximately 250,000 electric vehicles annually, the project holds promising prospects for job seekers, with projections indicating the creation of at least 3,300 direct employment opportunities, in addition to indirect job avenues. Embracing sustainability at its core, the production plant endeavors to achieve climate neutrality from its inception, exclusively offering electric vehicles, thereby echoing the EU's ambitious environmental agenda.

Situated in Valaliky, an area eligible for regional aid under EU treaties and earmarked as a beneficiary of the Just Transition Fund, the project epitomizes the EU's commitment to fostering economic growth in disadvantaged regions while navigating the transition towards climate neutrality.

The Commission's approval underscores the measure's compliance with EU State aid rules, particularly its contribution to job creation, economic advancement, and regional competitiveness. Recognizing the necessity and proportionality of the aid, the Commission emphasizes its minimal impact on intra-EU competition, affirming its alignment with the EU's broader objectives.

Against the backdrop of persistent regional economic disparities within Europe, regional aid initiatives like Slovakia's serve as catalysts for balanced development, ensuring a level playing field among Member States. The approval of Slovakia's regional aid map further underscores the Commission's commitment to fostering economic cohesion and sustainable growth across the EU.

As the automotive industry continues its transition towards electrification, the Commission's endorsement of Slovakia's state aid measure signifies a pivotal moment in bolstering Europe's position as a global leader in sustainable mobility. With Volvo Cars' new electric plant poised to drive innovation and economic prosperity, the approval heralds a promising chapter in Europe's journey towards a greener, more resilient future.


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