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Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar to present its updated product portfolio for the PV and storage market at Intersolar Europe

This year, during Intersolar Europe, Jinko Solar will be displaying an innovative and upgraded product portfolio, offering a wide range of intelligent new energy solutions that set new standards for the growing demands of the market.

Jinko Solar's strategy in the EU regarding storage and PV is focused on delivering high-quality and reliable products that meet the specific needs of customers in the region. The company is committed to expanding its market presence in Europe by leveraging a strong brand reputation, product innovation, and customer-centric approach.

The exhibition highlights at a glance

The company will officially launch its newest High Voltage product at Intersolar Europe. Jinko Solar’s latest RESS solution, the JKR-B1250~2750-A (high voltage G2 battery) is a highperformance energy storage system designed for residential and small commercial applications. It features a self-developed Jinko HV battery with a single pack capacity of 3,84 kWh, which uses a long cycle high-quality cell that can reach more than 6000 cycles at ambient temperature (25°C).

The product offers a capacity range of 11,52–26,88 kWh per rack, with an expandable capacity up to 134,4 kWh of 5 racks in parallel to meet different clients’ needs. It provides high performance, including higher depth of discharge settings, 45 A max charging and discharging current, supports a UPS switch function of less than 10ms and wireless interconnection between packs. Equipped with IP65 protection and a cell-level anti-fire design, it ensures total system safety.

With SunGiga and SunTera, Jinko Solar is also making a triumphant entrance into the C&I and utility-scale storage market.

On the one side, SunGiga is a C&I liquid cooling battery cabinet which integrates stackable battery packs (max. 8) that can reach a 344kWh max., nominal energy, compatible with 1000V DC and 1500V DC battery systems. On the other side, SunTera combines effective liquid cooling, higher efficiency, and safety. With a 3,44MWh rated capacity and a 20ft container size, it is the perfect solution for the growing utility-scale market.

Intersolar Europe will also see Jinko Solar’s flagship Tiger Neo R Series is designed to provide high power density, top efficiency, and a high energy yield for any scenario (residential, C&I and utility-scale), covering all power demands, from 425 W to 630 W. Tiger Neo R offers a range of advantages when featuring the integration of N-type TOPCon HOT 2.0 technology and Slim Multi-busbar (SMBB).

According to Jinko Solar, these advanced features grant superior efficiency, better carrier conductivity, improved light trapping effect and low light performance, as well as optimized temperature coefficients and minimal metallization shading.

Finally, Munich also will be the perfect stage for Jinko Solar BIPV Solutions.  In the light of the ongoing BIPV deployment, the company is also joining this innovative trend, a unique opportunity for renewable energy manufacturing, architecture and construction sectors to join forces.


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