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The first edition of Energyear Eastern Europe 2024 lands in Bucharest with over 200 attendees

Bucharest is gearing up to host the inaugural edition of Energyear Eastern Europe 2024, a leading event in the renewable energy sector, set to take place on June 6 at the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel.

With over 200 participants expected and a hybrid in-person format, Energyear Eastern Europe will create business opportunities not only in Romania but across all Eastern Europe. This first edition will address crucial topics to promote sustainable development and the energy transition in the region.

Eastern Europe is a region with invaluable human and resource potential. This potential has made it an emerging and high-value market for renewable and sustainable development, thanks in part to clear and secure signals in public policies aimed at consolidating its transition, as well as the sector's efforts to ensure energy security in the region.

Networking and business opportunities

Energyear Eastern Europe is also distinguished by its focus on creating business opportunities. With more than 12 hours dedicated to networking, the event will offer key moments such as welcome coffee and breaks, lunches, networking cocktails, and a VIP dinner on the first day. These activities are designed to foster the exchange of ideas and the creation of strategic alliances among attendees.

The stage is set, and the objectives are clear for a high-value market like Eastern Europe to continue promoting its renewable development, serving as an example and benchmark, learning from the lessons of other great powers, and continuing the path of success to remain a renewable leader in the region and the world.

Energyear Eastern Europe 2024 has positioned itself as the highest-rated networking event in the renewable sector and will feature the notable presence of more than 45 expert speakers in the field. Additionally, attendees will include sector leaders, regulators, developers, financial and legal consultants, as well as other key players in the renewable energy industry, who will offer debates and panels on opportunities, challenges, and advancements in the energy field in Eastern Europe and the region.

A special focus on interconnection networks and storage

Eastern Europe needs to improve its interconnection network, promote storage, continue building infrastructure and generation parks, and consolidate its highly valuable hydrogen market. At the same time, environmental and social licensing standards must be promoted to involve the population fairly, ensuring that economic and social development goes hand in hand with an advanced energy and electrical matrix that provides security and self-sufficiency.

All information about Energyear Eastern Europe can be found at the following link:


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