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Astronergy celebrates a new milestone in addition of 5GW TOPCon capacity

Astronergy is proud to announce a significant achievement in expanding the company’s TOPCon capacity. Astronergy Fuyang Manufacturing Base (Fuyang Base) has witnessed the installation of manufacturing equipment for 5GW production of ZBB-TF n-type TOPCon PV modules.

Located in Hangzhou, China, Astronergy Fuyang Base officially started construction in October 2023 and is the company’s 11th global production factory. The rollout of the first ASTRO N7s module product at Fuyang Base is scheduled to begin in June 2024. This will significantly contribute to Astronergy’s target of reaching 76GW of PV module capacity by the end of 2024.

Leveraging rectangular silicon wafers and innovative ZBB-TF technology, ASTRO N7s can achieve an impressive conversion efficiency of 23.0% and power output up to 460W. The application of ZBB technology eliminates main grid lines and pad points on both sides of the PV cell, reducing the use of silver paste by 20% compared to SMBB. In addition, ASTRO N7s utilizes a tiling film (TF) that secures solder strips and solar cells during lamination, protecting the overlapping areas close to PV cells and reducing the risk of hidden cracks. This technological innovation plays a vital role in enhancing the module’s durability and performance.

Designed without harpoon-like grid lines, ASTRO N7s offers higher reliability and aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, each module weighs just 21.5 kg, making installation easier and more efficient.

Mr. Xue Feng, General Manager of Astronergy Domestic Manufacturing Department, stated, "Astronergy Fuyang Manufacturing Base covers an area of approximately 200 acres and features a 5GW ZBB high-efficiency module production line, which is currently the largest ZBB module production line in the industry. The official commissioning of Base marks a substantial advancement in our manufacturing capabilities.”

This milestone showcases Astronergy’s continuous dedication to solar innovation and providing high-quality and high-efficiency module products to customers worldwide.


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