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Axial impresses with its SlopeSync tracker at Intersolar 2024

Axial has made a lasting impression at Intersolar 2024, the leading solar energy trade fair, with the launch of its new range of products, including the SlopeSync tracker. This launch allowed Axial to showcase the technological potential of its fourth generation of social trackers.

Innovation and adaptability for complex terrain

Speaking to Review Energy during Intersolar 2024, Jose Luis Fayos, CEO of Axial, highlighted that the SlopeSync tracker is a highly adaptable product, designed especially for complex terrains thanks to its ability to handle variable slopes efficiently.

The company has identified a market trend to focus more on the manufacturer's convenience than on the customer's needs. As a result, Axial is focused on offering products that better suit its customers' projects, saving them costs and improving efficiency.

"We are very focused on offering the customer a product that best suits their project, saves costs, is more efficient and adds value. In such a competitive market, that customer has to find a company that makes their project more valuable and that's what we achieve with SlopeSync," Fayos said.

Strategies for the future

Axial not only presented SlopeSync at Intersolar 2024, but also its advanced logic and control system SmartAx, the solar tracking system with which the company redefines climate adaptation and solar tracking, integrating intelligent functions to manage wind, snow, hail, floods, diffuse irradiation and 3D Backtracking.

Furthermore, after their participation in the macro fair, Fayos mentioned that they are one of the few companies, in their part of the sector, that has not needed the support of financial investors to be able to continue with their activity, since Grupo Alonso provides them with financial stability and the capacity to grow and make their business plan a reality.

According to the CEO, "Axial offers the customer the peace of mind of a company that will remain the same for a long time, a solid and reliable option in the market for the next 10 to 15 years, thanks to the financial support of our main investor, which allows them to operate without the need for external investors".

Vision for the PV sector

On the future of the PV sector, Fayos believes that the elimination of dependence on public financial support has been the key to its expansion. The CEO pointed out the importance of stable regulations for the development of projects, although he expressed his confidence in the free market and entrepreneurial autonomy. He added that solar energy is currently one of the best alternatives for an efficient energy mix due to its competitiveness and costs.

He also recognised that the main threats are related to the robustness, in financial terms, of the companies, with the managers doing things well, being prudent, having sustainable growth and going at the pace that their capacities allow them to. He also stressed the importance of the sector taking care of the value chain so that all the participants in a project can have solid and consistent business projects.

During this new edition of Intersolar Europe 2024, the company reaffirmed its leadership and extensive experience in the utilities market, consolidating its position as one of the sector's benchmarks.


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