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Federico Brunelli, Solutions Europe Director at AIKO

Efficiency and aesthetic: AIKO's ABC modules star at Energyear Italy

AIKO has become one of the most relevant companies in the photovoltaic industry. Its focus on research and development (R&D) and manufacturing of solar generation products, along with integrated photovoltaic charging and storage solutions, has led to the Company's global recognition. AIKO offers its customers state-of-the-art solar cells, ABC (All Back Contact) modules and customized solutions for different applications.

Recently, AIKO was in the spotlight at Energyear Italy, one of the most prestigious networking congresses in the renewable energy sector. As one of the industry's leading manufacturers, AIKO presented its innovative "All Back Contact" module, which boasts a remarkable efficiency rate of 24%, a new standard for the market.

Speaking to Review Energy, Federico Brunelli, Solutions Europe Director at AIKO, pointed out that what sets the company above its extraordinary efficiency, is the unparalleled aesthetics of its solar panels, perfectly adapted to the demands of the Italian market.

According to Brunelli, AIKO recognizes the uniqueness of the Italian market and believes that its solutions can fit perfectly into the local landscape, offering enormous benefits to all stakeholders. "When we talk about costs, there is something with our solutions that makes the difference. If we do a CAPEX  and  LCOE analysis, we can see that there is a huge benefit," he said.

In addition, AIKO's Solutions Europe Director acknowledged that AIKO's approach to working with distributors and installers is seen as a catalyst for growth in the solar market, primarily in the residential sector. AIKO prioritizes exclusive sales through its carefully selected distributors who have significant industry knowledge. These distributors understand the importance of educating installers and ensuring that the right value is placed on their products and the industry as a whole.

For AIKO, it's  important creating a brand strategy,  via truly educating distributors and installers on the core values: the value of their product and the importance of the solar industry. Its mission is to bring value to the market.

The company recognizes the competition ahead in the solar module market, but remains confident in its strong R&D capabilities. In addition, its commitment to bridging the gap between laboratory technology and mass production sets it apart.

Looking ahead, Brunelli says AIKO plans to continue advancing the industry through solar inverters and storage solutions as well, adding extra value for its customers. AIKO's goal, he says, is to provide installers with One-Stop Solution, a complete high-quality solution that they can promote with confidence.

Finally, the expert acknowledged that as the renewable energy market continues to evolve, AIKO is poised to lead the way, guided by its dedication to technological innovation and a relentless pursuit of value-added solutions.


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