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First all-electric 'green' prison contract granted in the UK

The government has taken another step towards opening the UK's first all-electric prison. This landmark announcement, made by the Ministry of Justice, represents a substantial advancement in the realm of environmentally responsible imprisonment. Mitie Care & Custody has been awarded the contract to operate HMP Millsike.

75% reduction in energy consumption

Set to house around 1,500 inmates, HMP Millsike is scheduled to open its doors next year, equipped with state-of-the-art technology aimed at mitigating its environmental impact. Operating entirely on electricity, the facility will utilize solar panels, heat pump technology and energy-efficient lighting systems, resulting in a noteworthy 75% reduction in energy consumption compared to standard prisons.

Prisons Minister Edward Argar praised the initiative as a crucial step in the government's continuous drive to modernize the penal system, underscoring the significance of rehabilitation in diminishing reoffending rates and bolstering public safety. As HMP Millsike prepares to embody progressive correctional methods, the selection of Mitie Care & Custody heralds a fresh era of humane and environmentally responsible incarceration.

£117 million into the local economy

In addition to its environmental impact, the construction and functioning of HMP Millsike bring substantial socioeconomic advantages to the Yorkshire area. Thus far, the initiative has infused more than £117 million into the local economy, creating job prospects for numerous residents. Furthermore, involving inmates in the labor force through programs such as day-release construction endeavors cultivates essential skills and facilitates their smooth reintegration into society after release.

Mitie Care & Custody's attainment of the 10-year contract comes after a thorough selection process, showcasing the company's dedication to offering exemplary services in prison management and rehabilitation. Noteworthy is the firm's promise to deliver extensive drug treatment initiatives, personalized educational programs, and 1,000 sustainable jobs for ex-prisoners throughout the contract's tenure.


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