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David Sánchez, General Manager Spain & Portugal of LONGi at Intersolar 2024

LONGi Hi-MO 9 successful presentation at Intersolar Europe 2024

Intersolar Europe 2024, held from June 19-21 in Munich, Germany, witnessed a revolution in solar technology with the presentation of LONGi's new Hi-MO 9 solar module. This flagship module, boasting an impressive capacity of up to 660 W, is based on second-generation Hybrid Passivated Back Contact (HPBC) solar cell technology and the innovative TaiRay wafer, launched by LONGi in March 2024.

Features and technological innovations

David Sánchez, General Manager Spain & Portugal, highlighted the features of the Hi-MO 9: "We are excited because we know that LONGi has always been the technological leader in the market, and this is yet another step forward. We have a new back contact technology module. We are talking about a module with higher efficiency and n-type technology, which is very unique in the market. With superior efficiency and lower degradation, we are confident it will be a market success."

The Hi-MO 9 not only stood out for its conversion efficiency of up to 24.43% but also for its ability to operate in diverse and demanding environments, including lakes, mountains, and deserts. This Hi-MO 9 module offered superior power generation and outperformed other technologies in land-use efficiency. Additionally, it maintained its performance throughout its lifetime thanks to its high reliability, allowing power plant owners to maximize land use and get the most value from sunlight.

Economic robustness and market stability

In the context of Intersolar Europe 2024, LONGi also stood out for its strong financial position and market stability. The company retained its AAA rating in PV-Tech's PV ModuleTech bankability report in the first quarter of 2024, marking the 17th consecutive quarter to achieve this superior rating. Sánchez explained: "I always said that LONGi's product is so good that we only need to do things right to achieve great success. We have the highest investment in our R&D, which allows us to have a fantastic product. We have an amazing technology team, and this is what we are doing. Customers are recognizing our technology team, and we are dramatically increasing our market share this year, which we are very proud of."

Commitment to smart and sustainable manufacturing

LONGi also highlighted its commitment to smart and sustainable manufacturing, with the recent designation of its Jiaxing production base as a 'Lighthouse Factory' by the World Economic Forum (WEF). This recognition made LONGi the first solar module manufacturer in the world to join the WEF's Global Lighthouse Network (GLN), an initiative that brings together manufacturers leading the adoption of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to transform factories and supply chains.

Importance of research and development

In 2023, the company's R&D investment for the entire year was 7.721 billion yuan, accounting for 5.96% of the total revenue.

Sánchez underlined the importance of research and development in LONGi's overall strategy to maintain its leading position in the solar industry: "The solar market is technology-driven, so whoever brings the highest value and the best technology will be the market winner. At LONGi, we are the solar manufacturer with the highest investment in R&D, dedicating a significant amount of revenue to R&D investment because we believe this is the way forward. With a better product, higher efficiency, and lower degradation, we ultimately bring value to the customer, which is what we aim for."

Commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices

Furthermore, Sánchez discussed LONGi's commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices in its global supply chain and operations: "Today, ESG is one of the most critical topics when it comes to selecting module suppliers. We are leaders and know how important it is. We keep improving, and third-party audits confirm our positions. This is part of the reason for our success, because we have the best ESG practices. Banks and customers know this, and that's why we are growing so much this year."

According to Sánchez, Intersolar Europe 2024 was a key event for the solar industry, where LONGi not only presented its innovative Hi-MO 9 module but also reaffirmed its leading position through its economic robustness and focus on sustainable manufacturing.

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