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meteocontrol Italia and Higeco More join forces to advance in the Italian renewable energy market

Higeco More and meteocontrol Italia have announced a collaboration for the Italian market, focusing on medium voltage applications within the renewable energy sector. This strategic partnership leverages the profound understanding of Higeco More of the Italian renewable energy market alongside meteocontrol's specialized solutions for professional asset management.The primary objective is to enhance efficiency and reliability in offerings tailored for stakeholders engaged in Italy's renewable energy sector.

Through this collaboration, the two companies are pooling their expertise to provide the market with improved, tailored services and thus to support the transition to more sustainable energy solutions in Italy.

Marco Poloniato from Higeco More remarked that "our decision to collaborate with meteocontrol is based on a strategic consideration of how to create the greatest possible benefit for the market in term of control for medium voltage applications. meteocontrol brings a range of capabilities that, when combined with our expertise, represent a significant added value.''

For his part, Rouven Lenhart, Executive Vice President at meteocontrol, further added: "In combining our forces, we face the challenges and opportunities in the Italian market with increased strength. Thus, we uphold our commitment to quality and innovation more effectively and providing enhanced solutions to our Italian partners.''

This cooperation is characterized by mutual benefit and the expansion of opportunities for customers operating within Italy's renewable energy sector. By combining their expertise, resources, and shared vision for a sustainable future, the two companies are poised to make a lasting impact on Italy's renewable energy landscape.


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