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Juan Miguel Sierra, Account Executive of RatedPower, during his participation in Energyear Italy 2023

RatedPower shows its adaptation to the Italian market with new features for AgriPV

RatedPower is one of the most important companies in the renewable energy sector because its technological solutions meet the goal of maximising the potential of solar photovoltaic plants. Now, coinciding with the recent celebration of Energyear Italy 2023, it goes a step further and advances its position in the renewable energy sector with its software, also designed for implementing agrivoltaic techniques. This software is well-suited for the swiftly growing Italian market, as highlighted during the event.

Review Energy met with Juan Miguel Sierra, Account Executive of RatedPower, during the networking event in Milan, to discuss the company's ability to adapt to the characteristics of each market in which it is present, such as Italy, a key country in RatedPower's plans. “It is one of the most important markets in which we want to be present, but it still has to improve in digitalisation and optimisation processes to deploy the full potential of this market”, he said.

This is where the company's solutions come into play to provide greater flexibility and help promoters develop their agrivoltaic projects in Italy. This approach, which enables efficient land use, reduces dependence on external energy sources, promotes sustainable agricultural practices and takes advantage of government incentives.

Thus, by adapting its functionalities to AgriPV, RatedPower has taken users to another level by allowing them to:

  • Personalize the pitch distance and adjust it to the project they are working on.
  • Optimise the pole height by changing the minimum ground clearance value.
  • Modify the tilt angle, depending on the needs of the hybrid AgriPV project for more efficient estimations.
  • Add different inputs per polygon, to have different pitch distances and choose the optimal option.

In this way, Sierra explained some of the latest modifications that the company has made to its software over the last year, always seeking feedback from customers and companies that want to carry out their projects, in this case in Italy. For this reason, he highlighted the celebration of events such as Energyear, which are a great opportunity to meet the key players in the sector in the country and to show them the benefits that its software brings to the photovoltaic plants in which it is installed.

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