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Scotland pledges 6 GW of solar generation by 2030

The Scottish solar energy sector has shown its approval for the commitment from the Scottish Parliament to substantially boost solar energy production in the country by 2030, with a target of up to 6GW.

This ambitious plan, with a minimum of 4GW as a baseline and an aspirational goal of 6GW, signifies a substantial increase, exceeding tenfold, in the quantity of solar panels installed across Scotland. The announcement was delivered by Green Minister Lorna Slater during the Scottish Green Party conference in Dunfermline this weekend.

According to the Scottish solar industry, the commitment to a minimum of 4 Gigawatts and an ambition to 6GW will mean a more than tenfold increase in the number of solar panels installed in Scotland. 

Chris Hewett, Chief Executive at SEUK, said that “Solar Energy UK welcomes this statement of intent from the Scottish Government to fully exploit the potential of solar energy, in line with the ambitions that industry has been advocating. We look forward to discussing with the Government how the industry will bring forward proposals for community benefit that ensure sufficient projects can be built by 2030 whilst providing real value for local people and nature. This truly will be a win-win-win.” 

For his part, Thomas McMillan, Chair of Solar Energy Scotland explained that, “for too long solar has been sitting in the shadows of the wind sector which has meant Scotland has lagged behind on solar deployment. A clear target and ambition for the technology will help to dispel the myth that solar is not a major resource in Scotland. With an area the size of the Isle of Hoy receiving enough sunlight to meet all of Scotland’s energy needs, the solar industry looks forward to working with the Scottish Government and other key stakeholders to deliver 4 to 6 GWs of solar by 2030.” 


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