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Jack Zhou, Head of Global Product Technical Management at Astronergy

Traceable, reliable, advanced, green: keywords of Astronergy's talk at PV Moduletech USA

“After the formation of a complete green supply chain management system, it is possible for our customers to know about all our material sources, to understand how we utilize advanced techs in manufacturing to enable our products to have lower carbon footprints and great performances in all essential aspects”, said Jack Zhou, the Head of Global Product Technical Management at Astronergy during a speech at PV Moduletech USA on May 21st, remarking the advancement and green cores of Astronergy n-type TOPCon products for U.S. market.

PV ModuleTech USA is Solar Media’s third PV ModulelTech conference dedicated to the U.S. utility-scale solar sector. This year’s event aims to map out the PV module supply channels to the U.S. out to 2025 and beyond. It has attracted key stakeholders from solar developers, solar asset owners and investors, PV manufacturing, policymaking and all interested downstream channels and third-party entities.

During the speech at the first day of the event, Jack Zhou told attendees that “as a pioneer in n-type TOPCon PV modules, we never stop making attempts to explore the potentials of such tech and already made some good results in the product end. And at the meantime, we’ve been making efforts to make our products traceable from the raw materials and update our products from all links to be ecofriendly”.

Since Astronergy launched its first TOPCon products – ASTRO N5/N5s globally in 2022, the company has updated its TOPCon products from basic materials, wafer size, frame materials, glass, module process techs and various cell process techs. And while continuously expanding production capacity globally, the company is making every effort to ensure that all products can meet the different requirements of countries for product carbon footprint.

“Taking the ASTRO N7 66-cell module as an example, we have utilized cutting-edge technologies such as rectangular silicon wafers, independently developed TOPCon 4.0 solar tech, SMBB manufacturing process, double-layer coated glass, gap coating, etc. The product power can reach 625W, and the module efficiency can reach up to 23.14%”, added Zhou in his speech.

For markets worldwide, Astronergy has confidence to provide high-quality solar products for various application scenarios, Zhou said. The advanced solar technology owned by the company will benefit customers with traceable green raw materials, reliable services and great performance.


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