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World's largest vertical PV plant begins construction at Frankfurt airport

In a significant move towards sustainability in Germany, Frankfurt Airport will be home to the world's largest vertical photovoltaic installation. The system, developed by the Next2Sun Group, will stand out for its ability to preserve virtually 99% of the valuable green space, occupying less than 1% of the total surface area.

From an aerial perspective, the vertical PV installations appear as thin lines in the landscape, minimising the footprint compared to conventional systems. Marcus Keimling, head of network services at Fraport AG, underlines the importance of preserving biodiversity in the airport's unique green spaces.

The Next2Sun system was initially successfully tested at Frankfurt Airport using an 8.4 kWp demonstration system. Now, full-scale implementation along the west runway, covering 2,800 meters, is underway. With a total power output of 17.4 MWp, this initiative is expected to play a crucial role in the airport's transition to CO2-free operation.

in addition, the Next2Sun Group, recognised as a pioneer in vertical photovoltaics, brings its expertise in system development, construction and operation to this project. Marcus Keimling is confident that the collaboration with Next2Sun, thanks to its knowledge and experience in large-scale projects, will ensure the success of this sustainable initiative in conjunction with Fraport.

Heiko Hildebrandt, CEO of Next2Sun AG, hopes for many follow-up projects: "Solar power in the morning and evening hours combined with a minimal footprint on ecologically sensitive areas - this is the ideal combination, especially for airports on their way to climate neutrality."


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