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JinKo stood out with SunTera 5 MWh and SunGiga All in One at Intersolar 2024

The importance of energy storage is growing rapidly as it plays a crucial role in balancing supply and demand, integrating renewable energy sources, and enhancing grid stability. Effective energy storage solutions are essential for ensuring a reliable and resilient energy system, facilitating the transition to cleaner energy, and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

At Intersolar Europe 2024, JinKo revealed its latest innovations for this growing industry, focusing on the new SunTera 5 MWh Storage System and the SunGiga All in One. These products underscored JinKo's commitment to meeting the growing demands of the global renewable energy sector.

Highlighting innovation: SunTera 5 MWh and SunGiga

The SunTera 5 MWh storage system emerged as a state-of-the-art solution featuring Lithium Iron Phosphate cells, advanced battery management, and a compact design. Its innovative thermal management system, enhanced safety features, and efficient layout made it a top choice for various energy storage applications.

Sergio Molla, Technical Manager BESS at JinKo, shared with Review Energy the key features of this product: "Our SunTera 5 MWh is our new state-of-the-art battery system, a 20ft container. We have improved the technology with a new BMS Battery Management System) that can control and synchronize everything, supporting lower temperatures than before."

On the other hand, the SunGiga, an all-in-one solution that integrates a PCS solution and with a capacity of 250 kWh, scalable up to 10 units with master control, making it suitable for medium-scale applications. With advanced technology and efficient design, the SunGiga ensured reliable performance and easy integration into existing systems.

The Technical Manager BESS said: "We showed our SunGiga All in One solution, which has a PCS integrated with 100 kW output at 400 W and a capacity of 250 kWh. It can connect up to 10 units with a master control, making it suitable for medium applications."

According to Molla, not only the support that the company provides to its customers, but also emphasized that one of the company's core values is its people. This commitment extends not only in Europe, but globally. "At JinKo, we have a local team here, developing and growing the team to provide the best service possible to the client. From the first contact to after-sales support, we aim to be with the client throughout the project's life."

And he also added “For us, at Jinko in Europe and Jinko globally, the after-sales team is one of our most valuable assets and one of the most important priorities."

JinKo is a company that has been known for forging alliances and partnerships with industry players in Europe to enhance its position in the market.  “We already have a strong PV team in Europe. Thanks to them, we are building strong relationships with clients in Europe. They are providing us access to these clients, and from day one, we have been participating in important tenders and engaging with the clients. Additionally, we brought expertise to the team by including people from the sector, which is helping Jinko to build trust and create stronger bonds with our clients,” said the Technical Manager BESS.

In the same vein, Molla stressed that the SunTera 5 MWh is a highly advanced energy storage solution, with a management system specifically designed to increase cell lifespan. The ability to install batteries back to back with openable doors on one side reduces the footprint, which is crucial given the increasing demand for compact solutions in the sector. Additionally, he highlighted that the higher energy density of the batteries and the grading of the cells contribute to increasing the system's capacity while further reducing the required space.

JinKo's innovative solutions, combined with their customer-centric approach and strategic partnerships, positioned them as a leader in the renewable energy and storage sectors. The SunTera 5 MWh and SunGiga exemplified JinKo's dedication to advancing technology and sustainability.

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