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JinKo Solar Tiger Neo Bifacial 54R HC Dual Glass All Black and JinKo ESS New SunTera 5 MWh

JinKo to unveil trailblazing sustainable module and game-changing storage solution at Intersolar Europe 2024

In response to the escalating demands of the global renewable energy, solar, and storage sectors, JinKo, a prominent industry leader, is poised to introduce groundbreaking solutions to the European market at Intersolar Europe. From June 19th to 21st, 2024, the company will be showcasing an innovative and upgraded product lineup at booth A2.190 & A2.280.

This lineup features a diverse array of intelligent new energy solutions that redefine industry standards to meet the escalating market demands. Their strategy in the EU prioritizes providing top-tier, dependable products tailored to the unique requirements of the European clientele. Committed to bolstering their footprint in Europe, JinKo capitalizes on their esteemed brand, pioneering product development, and customer-centric ethos. 

4 unmissable moments

The exhibition highlights include the unveiling of the Neo Green Zero Carbon Series, introducing the Tiger Neo Series, debut of the SunTera 5 MWh Storage System, and an expanded energy storage portfolio.

The company will present its most sustainable module to date: the innovative Neo Green series. Focused on sustainable solutions for a better future, the Neo Green series embodies innovation and environmental protection. With cutting-edge technology, the Neo Green series uses n-type modules with tunnel oxide passivating contacts (TOPCon), ensuring unmatched efficiency and performance.

Tiger Neo 54 Dual Glass All Black PV Module

The star of its Neo Green series will be the Tiger Neo 54 Dual Glass All Black PV Module: a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize residential solar applications. Featuring a sleek all-black design, the Neo 54 Dual Glass module seamlessly integrates into various architectural styles, enhancing the overall aesthetics of residential rooftops. Made with dual glass, it offers enhanced durability and reliability, ensuring long-term performance even in challenging environments. With state-of-the-art n-type cell technology and HOT 2.0

The Neo 54 Dual Glass All Black module has a power rating ranging from 425-445W, with module efficiency ranging from 21.27% to 22.27%. Additionally, it comes with a 25-year product warranty, a 30-year linear power warranty, and features a bifacial all-black design. JinKo Solar’s commitment to sustainability and responsible supply chain management is represented by guaranteeing the need for the 100% Traceable product with CSR audit records.

Innovation: Tiger Neo Series n-Type panels

JinKo Solar is bringing its premier Tiger Neo Series to the forefront at the grand event. Meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled power density, peak efficiency, and exceptional energy output across diverse applications, including residential, commercial & industrial, and utility-scale projects, the Tiger Neo stands out with its incorporation of cutting-edge N-type TOPCon HOT 2.0 technology and Slim Multi-busbar (SMBB) design, offering a host of benefits.

Furthermore, the remarkable bifaciality of the TOPCon HOT 2.0 technology unlocks the potential for substantial gains on the rear side, potentially reaching up to 25% under highly optimized conditions. This translates into a significant energy boost compared to conventional p-type modules, with gains surpassing 2-3%.

A pinnacle of solar technology, the "Triple Advantage Module 72- BDX" offers heightened hail resistance (up to 55 mm diameter), Fire Class Rating A, and enhanced load-bearing capacity (6000 Pa/4000 Pa). Designed for commercial & industrial and utility-scale applications, this bifacial module with 72 N-type 182mm wafers with TOPcon technology delivers a power range of 570 to 590 W and ensures superior performance and guarantees reliability in extreme conditions.

Another flagship product from JinKo Solar, the Tiger Neo 66 HC Dual Glass Module, comes in a standardized size tailored for the PV market (2382*1134mm). Outperforming other mainstream bifacial modules, this solar module stands tall with its impressive specifications. In comparison with the 72HL4-BDV module, it is only 104 mm higher and offers 30 W more power, higher efficiency, and a remarkable 21.6 KW higher packing load. The 66HL4M-BDV is an n-type solar panel, powered by JinKo’s cutting-edge TOPCon technology. It excels with optimized temperature coefficients (-0.29%/ºC Pmax), higher bifacial factor compared to PERC (70% vs 80%), lower LID/LETID.

New Storage Solution: SunTera 5 MWh JinKo ESS

As JinKo Solar takes center stage, the company is not only showcasing its cutting-edge Tiger Neo Series but is also making a bold statement in energy storage. Presenting the New Storage Solution: SunTera 5 MWh from JinKo ESS. This groundbreaking storage solution enjoys the benefits of numerous technological and safety advancements afforded by the use of Lithium Iron Phosphate cells, state-of-the-art battery management techniques, versatile communication interfaces, and automated “detect and respond” fire protection systems.

In addition, SunTera's liquid cooling system optimizes thermal management, reducing power consumption and enhancing overall efficiency. Its refined pipeline design and cluster management technology boost system efficiency by 1%, while multiple safety layers, intelligent O&M, and early warning systems prevent heat-related incidents. The compact, side-by-side layout and 20ft container footprint design minimize space requirements on-site. Multiple cooling modes and auxiliary controls further reduce power usage, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient energy storage solution for various applications.

Take storage to the next level

JinKo ESS anticipates presenting its complete energy storage portfolio at Intersolar, showcasing products like the new SunTera 5 MWh, the SunGiga All in One, and the Residential High Voltage System. These offerings cater to a spectrum of needs, ranging from utility- and industry-scale storage to residential applications.

Apart from the SunTera 5 MWh, the SunGiga provides dependable energy backup, seamless integration of solar energy with buildings, and industrial-scale battery cabinets with advanced thermal management. It serves as a microgrid storage element, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during grid outages. Integration with Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) enables dual-purpose energy production and aesthetic building integration. Industrial-scale battery cabinets like SunGiga offer high capacity, flexibility, and easy installation.

The residential solution boasts a robust three-phase high voltage inverter accommodating different capacity ranges. Paired with stackable high-voltage LFP batteries, ranging from 7.1kWh to 21.3kWh, this system offers efficient power storage and seamless integration. Customers can enjoy swift installation, dependable performance, and versatile applications with this innovative and compact energy solution.



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