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Hydrogen Europe signs agreement to enhance the visibility of women in the industry

Women in Green Hydrogen (WiGH) is a network dedicated to connecting, empowering, and driving change for women working in hydrogen. Their mission is to amplify the voices of women in the industry, providing a platform for increased visibility and influence. This partnership marks a significant step towards achieving these goals.

Promoting gender balance at European Hydrogen Week

The partnership between Hydrogen Europe and WiGH will see concerted efforts to ensure gender balance across panels, such as those taking place during the European Hydrogen Week, scheduled for 18 – 22 November. This event is a key platform for discussions and advancements in the hydrogen sector, and the inclusion of more women speakers is a step towards more inclusive representation.

Highlighting women professionals in Hydrogen Europe’s Quarterly Magazine

In addition to event representation, Hydrogen Europe has committed to featuring more women professionals in its Quarterly Magazine. This initiative is designed to provide greater visibility for the achievements and contributions of women in the hydrogen industry, further promoting their influence and recognition.

Dr. Sopna Sury on the importance of diversity and inclusion

Dr. Sopna Sury, Chair of Hydrogen Europe, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership:

“We are delighted to join forces with WiGH and to work together on promoting more women voices on panels as well as highlighting the brilliant women already contributing to the sector. Women are underrepresented in many technical and manual professions, as well as in responsible project management and executive roles within the hydrogen sector. This initiative will hopefully not only provide inspiration for young women making career decisions but also ensures their voices are heard in shaping policies and initiatives. To truly reach our climate ambitions, we need everyone’s talents and perspectives. Diversity and inclusion are a clear commitment by Hydrogen Europe.”

Launch of the WiGH Brussels Hub

Further strengthening its commitment, Hydrogen Europe will support the launch of the WiGH Brussels Hub, planned for September 2024. The WiGH Brussels Hub will gather women who are driving and supporting the growth of the hydrogen sector in Europe’s capital.

Inspiring and empowering women in the hydrogen sector

By working together, Hydrogen Europe and WiGH aim to support the women already working in the sector as well as inspire and empower more women to pursue careers in hydrogen, driving innovation and sustainability within the industry. This collaboration promises to foster a more inclusive and dynamic hydrogen sector, benefitting from a diverse range of talents and perspectives.


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