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GameChange Solar

GameChange Solar to showcase the value add of its Genius Tracker power performance enhancements at Intersolar Europe

GameChange Solar, a leading global supplier of solar trackers and fixed-tilt racking systems, is set to make a splash at Intersolar Europe, the premiere exhibition for Europe’s solar industry.

Their mission is clear: to make solar energy more affordable through cutting-edge innovations that maximize energy production. This year, they shine the spotlight on the Genius Tracker™, a standout solar tracker that has helped GameChange Solar rank among the top three tracker companies worldwide. One key to its success is its power performance enhancements.

SmartStow provides energy gains of up to 3.15% over a 45-degree stow and 0.73% over a 0-degree stow. It intelligently positions tracker tables to withstand high winds, adjusting angles to balance efficiency and safety as wind speeds rise.

PowerBoost adds up to 5.49% yearly energy gains. This smart algorithm optimizes solar plant production during backtracking by eliminating row-to-row shading and dynamically adjusting tracking angles to optimize energy production based on site topography.

WeatherSmart boosts energy gains by 6.02% during overcast days by stowing tables flat to capture more diffuse light - a feature that has captured industry interest.

“Our proprietary algorithms, validated by comprehensive analysis and third-party data, are proven to maximize energy generation, a top priority for every solar project owner,” said Derick Botha, Chief Commercial Officer at GameChange Solar.

Join them at booth A6.520 for an opportunity to see the Genius Tracker in action in their in-booth demo room.

For more information, please visit GameChange Solar.


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