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Largest solar plant in northern Italy starts operation

Enel Green Power has successfully completed an innovative energy transition and urban redevelopment project in Trino, Vercelli province, Piedmont region. With full support from local authorities and the community, this new solar park stands as the largest in northern Italy, marking a significant milestone in the move towards cleaner and more sustainable energy.

A solar park with a storage system

The project, executed by Enel Green Power, involved constructing a photovoltaic plant equipped with cutting-edge storage technology. Where Italy's first combined cycle plant once stood, 160,000 solar panels now produce emission-free electricity. This solar park has an installed capacity of approximately 87 MW and will generate around 130 GWh annually.

Environmental impact and community benefits

The energy generated by this plant will meet the needs of about 47,000 families, preventing the emission of 56,000 tons of CO2 and replacing 29 million cubic meters of gas with locally produced renewable energy. The plant uses state-of-the-art bifacial photovoltaic modules and integrates a lithium-ion battery storage system (BESS) with 25 MW of power and 100 MWh of capacity. This system will ensure grid stability and provide ancillary services to the network.

Trino's legacy in energy

Historically, Trino has been a key site for energy generation in Italy. Until 1987, it housed one of the country's four second-generation nuclear plants, followed by the first combined cycle plant. Today, the site continues to be a pillar in Italy's energy transition, with the imposing structure of the old thermal power plant, closed in 2013, as a testament to its past.

Community participation and crowdfunding

A standout aspect of the project was the active involvement of the local community at all stages. Through the crowdfunding campaign "Scelta Rinnovabile" launched by Enel Green Power in 2022, Trino residents contributed to funding the solar plant. This initiative greatly exceeded its goals, raising 150% of the initial target amount. Residents who participated will begin to see returns on their investment now that the plant is operational.

Commitment to sustainable development

Enel Green Power reaffirms its commitment to sustainability through various local initiatives. In addition to the solar plant, reforestation projects and the restoration of historic buildings in Borgo Leri-Cavour, formerly the summer residence of Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour, will be undertaken. These actions aim to revitalize the community and preserve the region's cultural heritage.

Future projections

The construction of this plant is part of Enel's broader strategy to promote renewable energy sources. The Group plans to invest over 12 billion euros in the next three years to achieve this goal. In the first quarter of 2024, Enel's global emission-free electricity generation reached a record level of 82%, underscoring its leadership in the transition to cleaner energy.

With this project, Enel Green Power and the Trino community demonstrate that it is possible to move towards a more sustainable energy future by integrating advanced technology and citizen participation in a model that can serve as an example for the rest of the world.


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